First, due to the lack of credible and transparent monitoring systems, in order to prevent reputational damage, professional associations of prosecutors ought to assume a central role in advocating for the implementation of international human rights standards within the profession. Monitoring and complaint mechanisms need to be established, alongside models for engagement with representatives of civil society. Acknowledgement and efforts by individual members committed to human rights and willing to enhance esprit de corps among prosecutors are crucial to initiate and guide these processes.


Second, participants of international professional conferences, justice reform and technical cooperation programmes carried out by multilateral institutions and bilaterally should identify relevant human rights concerns, seek opportunities to voice these to their counterparts and offer solidarity in resolving these. Peer-to-peer contacts and trust building between prosecutors do not facilitate change without explicit engagement on human rights issues and violations that should be addressed.

Read more: Petition to the International Association of Prosecutors (IAP) signed by over 130 (inter)national human rights and anti-corruption groups globally urging the IAP to bolster its efforts to preserve the integrity of the profession. Available also in: Spanish, Chinese.

Read more: Petition to the International Association of Prosecutors (IAP) signed by over 50 civil society organizations from across Europe and Central Asia calling upon the IAP to take steps to ensure that its members act consistently with international human rights standards.


Read more: "Options for Promoting Human Rights Compliance by the International Association of Prosecutors”, policy brief.  


Read and download the Model Protocol on Human Rights for Public Prosecutors: English, Azerbaijani, Kazakh, Russian, Ukrainian


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